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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
~ insomnia ~ by twindisch
The Owl and the Crows by hummbuzz floating on the sky 2 by poivre
light of sunset in winter by seianti
9 soldiers on vacation by aerendial Saviours Haircut III by siamesesam
Street Art  in Berlin 9 by WillemFred
white clouds by micmojo Playing a duet piece by mgot
L O K I by MARX77
dentro by existencia5 Concentrated by berkerr
adin bile gecmedi by enderefe
When You Notice the Stripes by samiliam F 63.9 by AlexeiEv
Midnight Lady by irrr
Stolen beauty IX... by Kaarmen Life stairs by slatkatajna
Ghosts In Swings II by JANorlin
the other side by micmojo Untitled by milan-massa
On the Park Bench by niklin1 1824 by urg

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Head Games by Metal-Bender
Two frightened doves by Anina-Bird 53 by Centric-Theory
emo in the corner by ElectricSorceress
To Johanne by martaraff Stars by BokehLight
Birds by EkimVogKicher
wiener chic IXX by ChristianBurtscher NW1 by geanera
Icon by adamcroh
kingdom by NuclearSeasons Treatment by BeautifulBizarreMag
Rear window by klapouch
Michelle's dress by ElectricSorceress .: Industrial II :. by Dave-Ellis
... by RAGEkay
Istanbul is a Dream by Hermetic-Wings Another dark alley scenario by noir-limite Alley by tpakkila
Play me a tune by shadowfoxcreative
Alone by tpakkila Cat in the rain by vanillapearl

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Nine by HOMER65
Playing alone by tvtable Der Andere Bist Du by scheinbar
A Song For Man's Best Friend by DiamonEyes
Pub Bookshelf by Wrightam Rain+Rain by aventris93
Powerhouse Geelong April by DanielleMiner
Unknown Road by BWilliamWest Untitled by mary-jeanne
A Portrait of One Small Dog with Big Balls by rici66
time by Art-de-Viant Charles Hildreth, self portrait by charleshildreth
Fawn in the grain field by brijome
Wonderwall by mldzz surfing by kannagara
absence, 16:44 by Uomo-nella-Pioggia
wind window by shuka4 When Those Llamas Get Nasty by EintoeRn
414 by mektup
the violin by m-lucia Beginnings are a delicate time by Peterix
Summer is Over... by Hermetic-Wings

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Portrait by Nightline Damian 2 by theheartless
Alyssa Portrait by rickuk73 storm to come by veftenie
Arne by WinPics the question by sylvia-p
Grandpa told me so... by ansdesign Comedian by Nightline
Grandma by DraculaNosferatu Looking at you by Etimasia
Henry#1 by DegsyJonesPhoto Portfolio by aufzehengehen
The Thinker by Nightline Boredom by SeeMyMask
Granpa by DraculaNosferatu Family by charleshildreth
Thalie la divine.7 by auguste59 Gato by siddpires
umbrella by fuckoff1994 ... by existencia5

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
la porte by BlauBeerKuchen la mare ::: by aopan
memorial by doyo Lilac I by Justysiak
Sky Plank by RobertMCarter getting lost by HaruNiji
still waiting by EintoeRn heavy weather by BlauBeerKuchen
Saturday, April 25 by AlexandrinaAna watching you by chriseastmids
New York - Flatiron by DarkSaiF E-Collar by MarinaCoric
The Snail Game (Colour) by tholang The landing by martaraff
Pagy by incolorwetrust Filename by Serdar-T
let's make it 02 by VesnaSvesna Untitled by aerendial
PERGE by mecengineer planctum in virgo by Anhen
Dasha - 2 by rdhobbet old blues . and reds by m-lucia
Kairos by ro-mi-go Listening by Wrightam

Sweet cowboy! by Ksuksa-Raykova
Core of Desire by rici66 The Traveling Wilburys by 89000007ANL
optimism by sandpiper764
Smile by MahmoudElkourd Secret Forest by PaperDreamerArt
Three Generations of Women by SweediesArt
Open for fun by leoatelierBeware of Dog by Some-Punk-Next-Door
Beaver Toothpick by TerribleTer
What lens are you using by MichelLalonde reflets de realite by veroklotz
natural by Sssssergiu
I've seen the land beyond by everythingisaverage garde a vous by GonzaleVivement le printemps 5 by Douce-Amertume
 Praying Kagura pt. II by Photo-CapI Found it First by MichelLalonde
 Amici by eos75
is past few years by seianti love? by rilibko
Cranky Kitty by Photo-Cap.+Pax+. by lectral
My last photomanip, just for another smile on your face :)
The Last Supper by Canankk

Jack and Hobbes by WildWinyan
safety measures by m-lucia Following The Light by dimajaber
t r e i b s a n d by ra-gro THE BICYCLE .: by gingado
Via Germania. by immanuel
Different Point of View by tholang Moment of Istambul by vlad-m
schichten by scheinbarwe are ready for spring by EintoeRn
Ps222 by Campo-Diaz
belly (4) by Valeria222 Artsy Living by EinsilbigWrath by KevinRossatty S Curve by MarinaCoric
Cosmea by feigenfrucht
Gintare by Laima1 Untitled by nairafee
Sobaka by Anhen No Need for Introduction 0477 by Sooper-Deviant
Eremiophobia by OnurKorpeoglu
:: mick, the baron of brick lane 2014 by noahsamuelmosko DSC 0034a by Placi1 OVR: The Man of Smoke by Morbid-Curios
The Leap by niklin1
Alien No. 604 by saperlipop The Whore by immanuel Searching for the time by HorstSchmier
I Walk Alone by JANorlin
faces by MWeiss-Art ... by slownumbers
C3-PO by OliverJules Way Down In The Hole by spare-bibo
Skopje GT by BobRock99 You Won't Find Angels On My Streets. by ParallelDeviant
A Face In The Crowd by DouglasHumphries

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
59 by felixlu
X by Art-de-Viant fish by BudhaBar
3-leme ... by kapt73
Talk to me by Menoevil scumbry. the successful flight by wasted-photos
scumbry. the travel. by wasted-photos on vacation by ChristianBurtscher
Me and my fish by Trepka
Opening Windows by Emily-White the fish by AlexeiEv
Big Fish by ahermin
Fish-Day by inObrAS Beeswax # 2 by ebbing-gale
A good catch by Daykiney
'Swimming in a fish bowl' by oneoftheclan A14 by kooookooookooookoooo
R U ready? by nnoik Fish Footman by RevolverWinds
walk with fish by Ejik1977
It was this big! by NakedPencil passing by by CosmicKatSmiley by SachaKalis

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Russian Front by DouglasHumphries Two... by ThierryV
two by odpium Two women in my life by tomsumartin
frog love by mj-magic Inside by Spinewinder
two in grey by a-b-n Two Sisters cyanotype diptych by rawimage
Buzz by saperlipop Two by alexeysilaev
two good friends by VaggelisFragiadakis Special Delivery by frenchapple10
I'll take care of you by TammyPhotography Two... by YuriBonder
Railings by hummbuzz .: winter dream :. by GokhanKaraag
Two legged sheep by Indots two women... by HeretyczkaA 
the two.. by maraquja Two wings by ZWIR
And the cloud passes by by Ananyana Two Tummies by shawneecustalow

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

A good photo shows the reality. A wonderful photo shows the feelings.
Bob Gruen

grateful by MustafaDedeogLu
Sudetenland by fotoPScz Fruehling by dasTOK
Ala. by tryhonestyy
*** by Tarasov Eats lust for living by anaPhenix
snowapp by arslanalp
Night soccer by bermek Angry Fakeer by InayatShah
Veiled by virginiamae
Do you know ? by Nile-Paparazzi scrap by kannagara
Racines by kil1k
Interior 3 by rici66 City of Gold by martaraff
Silenced by Hermetic-Wings
Empire by scheinbar Monochrome - Dung Beetle by Okavanga
Rise And Fall by doomed-forever
smoke ID by BobRock99 Myself at the cafe by psychiatrique
Regen by feigenfrucht
around the city 19 by pstoev December Snow by tvurk
Ed In Death Valley by myoung4828
Fin del Mundo by tholang Auschwitz memorial. by dragonfly-oli
7 marca by InPluvia
Blind Justice by Trippy4U Industrial Ghost XLVI by Trippy4U At Dawn They Danced by Trippy4U
Wellcome back Richard :icontrippy4u:!! :aww: This song is for you :hug: :heart:

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Ice Cold Loneliness by psychiatrique
Lisbon 98 by JACAC Tunisia 4 19... by Kitsch1984Winter in my village  XI by VesnaRa14
Cuddle buddy by plumita1 W by CsyytUrban Forest by veeegeee
One Man's Dream by Menoevil Misty evenings... by ansdesign
petlja by Q-harrr BLACK and WHITE STREET by cetrobo
Wednesday by Theanimalparade
the attic, the door, and a very missing detail by BlauBeerKuchen marka by contemporaryhart
Waiting On The Other Side by Zewarr Lipsa de suflet by AlexandrinaAna
waiting for deamons by A-Finch
AA080215b8 by 2rick2 
Into The Bulb by El-Amigo-Chico A stroll of a deer by OnurY
electra by Amalus Ostend trip by Sei-Zako
On TV by acidedcom
Flowers for the Cold Women by rici66 Journey back by MrINSULATION
as winter  takes leave by OnurY

advice by basharbbr
Peek-a-boo by KylieFaye Asleep at the wheel by Happy-every-day
Miaou 20 septembre 2014 by roon1305
Baltard Feline Show 2011 - X by darkcalypso OK,BUT THIS ONE IS MINE.... by chryssalis
Smile by Perseus67
Erkanmatik 2014 05 by ErkanKalenderli Summer composition with cat by Floriandra Oh theSe FeatherS by Aussie-Blonde
Feesa by anndoing
Chiornaya koshka by Anhen karli kedi ii by contemporaryhart
Cats by MajaBrcic
Cat Trap by StacyD please, go... by aerendial
Cat by NotNowCato Nom nom kitty by ideea
l'emmerdeuse. by moumine
Kitty Window by TVD-Photography Glen Valley Window Cat by MrKaswa cat by redreddaisy
Cat fight by betyzuzukid
3 x 2 by kanes George by Csyyt
where are you?_ by Trifoto
my moon. by moumine The Embrace by Rebeca-Cygnus
Urban Cats - 49 by MARX77
Darker Than Mao by hexlord Coco by kemal-kamil-akca
Dedicated to Douglas :icondouglashumphries: from Coco and me :iconarrheartplz:

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
The Chinese year of the Goat (Sheep) 2015 started on February 19, 2015 (according to the lunar calendar).

easyer from the bench by Sssssergiu
Sheeps look at us by kanes Wolfgang Llamadeus Mozart by DSSiege11
The Lonley Shepherd by ioanabranisteanu
keyif inadi by MistyTableau shifty by slownumbers
Duong Quoc DInh by duongquocdinh
Shepherd... by BobRock99 Impression 2031 by SUDOR Ciao, bella! by klapouch
The Good Shepherd by Aisii
Attention by Alessandro-Passerini Sheep by cprmay goat! by cosmicvoid
Unladened, Empty and Turned to Stone by ahermin
Saute Mouton - The Lamb Jump by thrumyeye Shaun the Sheep by bigbear74 Happy Easter by thrumyeye
Free ride by SarahharaS1
anything is possible by Batsceba Sheep in the Snow, Ireland III by younghappy
Another Day by houk
H E L L O D O M by mldzz Aries by wooltoys-ru
hello by craciun

Trouble maker by dragos495
Fire ? by mitlichtmaler The Pyromaniac by nuriko-kun
... by absentii
light my fire by wholba Flame on II by diana-irimie
sounds of music by Art-de-Viant
Julia2 by Anna-Chursina Ndocciata 2014 by OliverJules
Fire by ConceptArtOrg
Fire in the Woods by carlosthe W.647 by urg
Elements - Fire by CassiopeiaArt Dance into the Fire by LuLebel
shot by Ejik1977
Pyromaniac by Saburwulf Inferno by VictoriaJill Matches 2 by cofneverlivetotell
Smoke by artwom77
 The Burning by machihuahua Ignite by carts

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Sister Moon by catch---22
Neither Up Nor Down by EintoeRn Kafkaesque by Hengki24
eggHDR0254 by The-Egg
S H E R L O C K by getcarter There Is A War by AlexandrinaAna
Metal and Rust by DouglasHumphries
Night Seen by Fassod new world by MWeiss-Art
maybe by tatianavish
.M. by virginval No one by anaPhenixPulling power by friartuck40
Moment 4030 by Kabandha The Forgotten Ones by Ragnar949
Cerberus O_0 by KatherineAlexander
Cite de Pera lets it's ghosts to watch us by Hermetic-Wings Ghost Bride by lostknightkgi won't forget .... by chriseastmids
Relive all the memories by Zewarr Inner Peace Travelling by ParallelDeviantDay by Day by David681
Backstage by EvaPolly Psychosis by katiousa15Dynamo by DougNZ
Choice by joycefungx

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Xenia 02 by Andipallabs
Staci - coffee by Adrienmcguire Claartje (0803) by StudioTjeerd
:: coffee and co by noahsamuelmosko
Bobby by corsuse Mess by Jemsa
Film - LXXVIII - J and J - focus by Picture-Bandit
Song of a Blackbird by Les-Diables Camarilla Agram 12.7.2014. 13 by ivoturk
Mrs. Black by burcumbaygut
Playing with Shadows by jules-101 Cold by CATHERINAS
Radost is watching 1 by pstoev
Strand by DariaPitak Varvara by KARRR
Waking up by Leon13th
Impure Hair III by Alessandro-Passerini look away by DariaPitak
strength by islandtime
The master work by MarkScheider photoshoot 2 by Iveyysaur
Go Ahead Son, our World needs Artists by hosagu
Daughter II by OlivierAccart Hazard Kitty 219 by Dave-Ellis
Almost Ready by BorkoHomesickAlien
When I was 17 by Canankk The Photograph... by Hermetic-Wings

I am happy that I got my 4th DD

How To See The World by Canankk

Thank you very much to dear :iconkaz-d: for deeming my photo worthy of DD

zsifiii by Trifoto
What's wrong in dying? by InPluvia Blanco y Negro by MarinaCoric
Untitled by nicoella
smoke by dechobek Time Traveler by EyeDance
A Dog's Life by Garelito-Photos
REUNION by zw6 _untitled by dechobek
We breathe Freedom ! by MahmoudElkourd
Cassandra... by ChristineAmat Autumn spring by endegor
There will be blood by xbastex
*** by LILY-m --------- by crossfading*** by Tarasov
sauroctonos #3 by pr13s7 Sisters by ViestursLinks
Sketcheeez by bolognafingers

<da:thumb id="505666434"/> loss of liberty by scheinbar JE SUIS CHARLIE by CopperColour
The Cry by tholang  Je Suis Charlie by Hera-of-Stockholm 07 janvier 2015 by Askell

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Happy Fox in WinterCoat by thrumyeye
If you're looking for a way out by BobRock99 New vanitas - Invidia (Envy) 03 by MarkScheider
On a foggy day by daliscar
Kivanc Tatlitug by Amro0 gelip gecenler by emekuc
Brother and Sister by tafelrand
Pensive by ChristineAmat Hand by Vermontster
In Loving Memory of ABBAS by ErkanKalenderli
DeviantArtID by Richard-Cederfjard with Adem by MWeiss-ArtIndiscrezioni by OliverJules
Mobil Photography 11 by Serdar-T ocean 43 by Hengki24Every Morning by X-KhaN
bir dusun pesinde by emekuc an overwhelming stillness by BlauBeerKuchen
Marmaris by ekin06
Spirit by AlexandrinaAna Morning Pray by artofdan70The Dream - (  pencil drawing version ) by DouglasHumphries
Julie-Tapestry by jules-101 | n o v e m b e r | by Nachtblau
on the catwalk by Dieffi

Farewell Bro by Canankk :heart:
in the memory of my brother 

The Storm Catcher-2 by kkart

Chimney in Winter by philippeL

Aegean Afternoon by contemporaryhart

Memoirs of Snow by Valimar

Follow your own road to your own heaven by LordLJCornellPhotos

Golden evening by DormirReverPeutEtre

Obscured by light by OlivierAccart

Roque Nubulo by nahojsennahThis Morning by EvaPolly
Desert Cloudburst by Zefisheye

Summer Memories by Pajunen

almost one with all by bryan-cuttance

'Some idea of infinity' by H3ad0n

A sight to Behold by alexandre-deschaumes

The Desert in Black and White by CeeThruMyEyes

Crossroads by catch---22

CLOUDSCAPE by DouglasHumphries

c o n s t r u c t . I by XeroLp
ice age No.16 by landscapesaxony
here's to us by bryan-cuttance

Mistletoe by SirKoto51 Happy Holidays to all my dear friends!! Mistletoe by SirKoto51