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Saint by Canankk
Thank you very much Mary :iconmyraincheck: :huggle:
Street Photography is my favorite and this is special

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Miss Havisham by Canankk

Virus by Canankk

Abstact - Macro

BG 3 by CananStock
My Stock account :iconcananstock:

and not mine but modelling :)
canankk  VI by antistarlykan

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Autumn cat by VasiDgallery
Hopeful Times by markborbely Postcard from Malmo 06 by JACAC
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Sloeguena Flamenco by :iconvianto:

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Evaluate. by machihuahua
Lost in amnesia by Vic4U La musique by A-Parrot
Susanna III by RinaArt
Corvus Corax by marcinwuu Dish of the Day by marcinwuu
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Lu 4 by marsellus-longus
65849844 by niqe The Gate by sandas04
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Born Addicted by FenerbahceWomens
silent_soul.iloques by JeanFan my private swimming pool by nnoik
Who Are You? (9) by Objective-Perception jennys3 by int0xicatedxluv
legs by juhudora
.:Legs:. by MissLaurelle garden girl by inessa-emilia
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26 by Falbanka Slice of life - The end by ScarletteDeath
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Waiting To Sing by DouglasHumphries
The Bitter End by M-0-N-0 Day 21 by SilentParade284
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legs by pixi0123 legs by gutyerrez
Sarko's letter by veftenie jambes. by jeanne-t
Joannes here in my room by chriseastmids

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Afterlife by HannaLF
moment to moment by mj-magic Blue consequences by Dylou-Lee
Don't sleep alone by 10thapril
X by Art-de-Viant Inside Van Gogh1 by martaraff
CADILLAC by DouglasHumphries
His Master's Voice by dselene Two Friends by philippeL
Hanna on Kodak film 2 by AlexanderB
Altes Rathaus by Writto HOUSE PARTY by gingado
Rest Home by Corvidae65
suspiciously by kleineaster BirdMan by BobRock99
Mechanical Angel by eddiebadapples
Anna by KobetsVladislav French profile with a cigarette by BobRock99
In Frame by MARX77
3390. by sophiaazhou Ryann 32 Color by ESLB-Photography
ShePaintedTheDoorGreen by M-Art-Artist
Spaghetti shower by DormirReverPeutEtre A Cold Shower by danivee
The world is an artichoke by La-Tete-Ailleurs *** by el-karamelo
Point by devaimystic
La tentation d'exister - 1956 by menervaTau too much happiness by alisinwonder
S.P.Q.R. by Kevrekidis
I am alone by fashioneyes ...bohemian rapsody by oprisco
uneasy by arslanalp
4 Rooms Squared by kkart If Not Now... by WRDBNR 
1.2013 by MeralSarioglu

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a dream by chryztoph
dream on by Orzz Two of us by getested
Feline by KevinStiles
Anastasia: Envisions 46 by DR0ck Anastasia: Envisions 47 by DR0ck Anastasia: Envisions 49 by DR0ck
1 pose - 4 angles - 3 by Who-Is-Chill
Lucida by ElifKarakoc Breath by apalkin Caged in Fasion by stijn
Slumming by Trippy4U
Lost In A Song by AngelaNorthen 365DAYSPROJECT 168 by LucienWittwer
What Is In Your Mind? by Canankk
*24*2* by getested Monstera deliciosa by cameraflou *24*1* by getested
Barri Gotic by jpgmn
The Last Dance by ejohanne electra by Amalus
*** by el-karamelo
Grandad 1950's by Clairebearatecheese Lux 18 by ESLB-Photography The Young and Cool Biker 03 by HorstSchmier
Mr Cartographer by pavboq
Call The Dead by DouglasHumphries Express coffee today by scheinbar
Abstract 1.1 by ArtByCher BANKSY by awjay EQUALS by davespertine

Light In Babylon

:music:… :music:

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A strong bond needs no words. by Ramiye
16 by felixlu horse by nurtanrioven
My Karaoke Muse by hummbuzz
little deer by laura-makabresku missing pieces II by micmojo
TANGO 04 by GioBfree
Hand in Hand by rare2bme Solitudes by Douce-Amertume
HOLLAND by El-Amigo-Chico
At a Moment by broadstreetstudio 
Whirling Dervishes by Chris-Lamprianidis
Clarity by KanchanCollage  January 24, 2013 by RichardLeach
My Venice by EltonTurkey
cross pollination by Robert-Alan the unbearable #4 by nancy-long-ago
Courtney on Bed by PerryGallagher
Untitled by La-chatelaine Gaby 8 by Franiuk
Study in LF 01 by HorstSchmier Dark Kait by KevinStiles
The Sky Leans by Seraphina-Song
Film-noir ID by Hermetic-Wings RENDEZVOUS AND TEARS by puken
Little friend,great friendship by RezzanATAKOL
Rainy Day Series 23 by HelloDearThomas Confession 03 by TheMateriaMaster

Hawkwind- Hurry On Sundown

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free by sweetLemonist
008 by pavboq :: The gaze :: by HarisDrako
Love by bermek
taman by Migrena expectation by incolorwetrust
Devon And Happyjack by Trippy4U
Fields Of Joy by DropxLife entzwei by FrauLangstrumpf
Wedding #1 by AnnaMazur
Mosh's Heels and Stockings by stevedietgoedde Boots by Pajunen
ceyhun by bhdrbnzt
For Haris from Paparazzi by Tigles1Artistry Sleep by a63
Train of Life II by vulezvrk
Coffee Break by Direct2Brain Andare by martaraff
time never.. by cikolatali-waffle
Sunday by Northstar76 Time Travellers IV by ParallelDeviant
Untitled 1 by KosmoWannabe
Lisbon 64 by JACAC  Nightime at the Playground by DouglasHumphries
artificial plantation by scheinbar SHATTERED SEASON by puken
Loches Road Barn by jmarie1210
Snow and Birds by MustafaSEZER  Good Reason to Smile by MySweetQueen


Beatles - Here Comes The Sun :sun:

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Hands Everywhere by Bojan1558
Rosemary's Baby by crilleb50 Frozen Heart by NebelelfeNaemy
___ by Menoevil
King of Corvids by frenchfox Amalie in Henri's Garden by saperlipop
How She Keeps Her Man by astrangeallure
A Moment Illuminating Eternity by MoodyBlue Desert Dance by nitchwarmer
Round, hanging Stones by Pixelnase
Their Miracle by CaryAndFrankArts Dreamer by Vic4U
Far away by MasoumehTavakoli
Grandmothers Toys by inObrAS Platform 2 by DouglasHumphries
Sunny Day by xeena-dragonkizz
The Sound of Silence by Ideasplayer Renaissance dandelion by LadFree Species by J-u-d-a-s
The Muses Awaken by Canankk
Artemis by MarcoHerrera My Beating Heart by JackieMaier
Sun on the Mesa by hummbuzz

Eric Clapton - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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hope and the chair by justina-m
virtual chair by gnato Chair by ammanda
In the Chair by alejandrocaspe The Chair - 4 by usagicassidy
Chair by ArtOfAsthar
Chair by giedriusvarnas Caffe Tahmis by Hermetic-Wings
Chair by AstridT chair by man0
Morning Light by Batsceba
 our couchsurfing room by osinsh The Leaky Pipe by DouglasHumphries
Anybody home? by BodoKa
Life Is A Beach by KrisVlad Blue and White by sethyx1
Hope For 2014 by jojo22 Jodhpur - India by komka-777
absence by farhadb Cat Sitting by zapfino
young at heart by xthumbtakx
Have a Coke by pigarot It's More Than This by Trippy4U
Wanna play? by LoByteSo
Hidden behind the media by Julie-de-Waroquier Basement The Chair by Mymosa
I do not see by Laysa The Chair by Bolshevixen
Hard Times by DouglasHumphries
Chair in the Leaves by jonniedee 
The Blue Chair by stengchen
in chair by shiitakexxxx tuba by MichaelPe
Strangers in Red Hall I by Lady-Schnaps
red chair: asterisk by kannagara Nude on a chair 02 by interZone-studio
50 mm by ambageo
Rebellion by Une-Vache waiting for you 2 by Sevaresien
Girl and Chair by jemapellenicoletta Nude With Chair 1 by darkmatterzone
One Choice One Life by SpiderIV Feed me your highs. Feed me your lows by kazarinakristina
Coming in to land by LordJCornell

Van Morrison- Days Like This

Souvenir I by A-Parrot
Passion by El-Amigo-Chico Aleksandra by aseptyczny
the thought, unlocked by mariascherlies
Exchange - behind the scenes by DWaschnigPhotography Antoinette by Trippy4U
The Photograph... by Hermetic-Wings
Little girl by Canankk old man by guyprives
698 by ricchy
Sir Isaac by Alvirdimus Natalia by YaroslavKaras
Sofie I by AlexanderB
274 by aydan-kerimli 59 by AntekPyra
Wisdom by LUCILALEYLA Gentleman II by MarinaCoric
stop by fudaryli
Beatric by MoniBrand Ot2a7771 by MartaSyrko
relax by PeterLime
femina by bagnino Today I Still Exist As I Did Yesterday by Objective-Perception
As i watched you from afar  (second part) by anaPhenix

Chingon - Malagueña Salerosa

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My father by MarkScheider
TENEBRAE by menervaTau lanvin by Frolovam
Morning Break by sandas04
Mephistopheles by man-blu Scandal by Metal-Bender
Incite by simonovikis
Wings by clippercarrillo Prayer by kokdemir
God Bless Sister by IIMadhoshiII
Dimo 2012 by BobRock99 All Day Long by ElifKarakoc
Fresh wind by Dionisic
Varvara by KARRR About those who want to fly by Lissuin
My disciples, by enesyasa
aquarium by Frolovam 68326 by aleksandra88
05 - Songeur by Festinalente-plh
Keep it in your Mind by tholang Girls in Flight by clippercarrillo
Can't catch this by hersley
Ronja II by Catliv 
Gina Velour T4 by stevedietgoedde
5665676768568 by natucya 318 by ViestursLinks
#1 by TheUnforgivingsArmy Lilith by Pandora-intheSKY
hello at high seas by AlicjaRodzik

From the Beginning - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

:music:… :music:

Zeugma is an ancient city of Commagene; currently located in the Gaziantep Province of Turkey. It is a historical settlement which is considered among the four most important settlement areas under the reign of the kingdom of Commagene. It was named for the bridge of boats, or Zeugma, which crossed the Euphrates there. The ancient city of Zeugma was originally founded as a Greek settlement by Seleucus I Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, in 300 BC. King Seleucus almost certainly named the city Seleucia after himself; whether this city is, or can be, the city known as Seleucia on the Euphrates or Seleucia at the Zeugma is disputed. The population in the city at its peak was approximately 80,000. In 64 BC Zeugma was conquered and ruled by the Roman Empire and with this shift the name of the city was changed into Zeugma, meaning "bridge-passage" or "bridge of boats". During Roman rule, the city became one of the attractions in the region, due to its commercial potential originating from its geo-strategic location because the city was on the Silk Road connecting Antioch to China with a quay or pontoon bridge across the river Euphrates which was the border with the Persian Empire until the late 2nd century.

In 1987 the Gaziantep Museum excavated two tomb chambers which had been broken into by antiquity smugglers in the necropolis southwest of Zeugma, revealing frescos on the walls and statues on the terraces in front of the chambers. These statues are now in the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep.
Zeugma Mosaic Museum, in the town of Gaziantep, Turkey, is the biggest mosaic museum on the world, containing 1700m2 of mosaics. It opened to the public on 9 September 2011.

The museum's mosaics are focused on Zeugma, thought to have been founded by a general in Alexander the Great’s army. The treasures, including the mosaics, remained relatively unknown until 2000 when artifacts appeared in museums and when plans for new dams on the Euphrates meant that much of Zeugma would be forever flooded. A large number of the mosaics still remain uncovered and teams of researchers continue to work on the project.

From Wikipedia

Df9a5709 by Canankk
Zeugma Mosaic Museum - Gaziantep
DF9A5787 a by Canankk
Df9a5764 by Canankk
Rape of Europa 
Df9a5718 by Canankk
All mosaics are from the villas of Zeugma, used as house decorations in floor
Df9a5727 by Canankk DF9A5738 a by Canankk
Sitting woman sculpture found in a room of villa at Zeugma. Roman Period, Lime Stone.
DF9A5737 a by Canankk
Bronze Mars Statue of Zeugma, famous with his raging facial expression
Df9a5801 by Canankk
Original place of the city Zeugma
Df9a5815 by Canankk
Excavations of Zeugma

 Dedicated to my dear friend Dmitry :iconretransmission:

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...... by IlonaShevchishina
Bound II by zixon reflection in the mirror by BudhaBar
Tumulus by chriseastmids
My frustration by jennystokes all thats needed by awjay
Pleurs by LaurentKC
She Descends Upon The Earth by KevinStiles Chrysalis by KevinStiles
Untitled by DimiKoz
Jellies by jonniedee fish by BudhaBar
  RED LIGHTS by SineLuce
29 October 2013 by khrmnens
::sigh:: Again...? by Pyromaniac-Suffering Blank Stare by SebbyxGrelly
Marathon Man by DriPoint
Like a dirty french novel XXI by cameraflou Here and Nowhere by SebastienTabuteaud
This Way by Metal-Bender

:music: Muddy Waters / Rolling Stones - Long Distance Call :music:

Manhattan by Kings of Leon by realsheva
Crusader II by Sarachmet MdvL by Sarachmet
John Lambert by yeliriley
Hania by JarekKas Ivall by MaryaS
Caresser ses reves by olivier-ramonteu
Marii by PaGoG Self Portrait ~ Numero Uno by Hollee-McNamara
Serious revelation by KangTengri
The Poser by Arte-de-Junqueiro Artist by CreameCaramele
I by Fassod
SnowLine by -rainman zemotion by corvus-crux
365DAYSPROJECT 65 by LucienWittwer
Luja 5 by EdgarBerg 
Krissz 4 by airsteve
3724 by TomWasilewski

:heart: Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy :heart:

by the sunset by onurrus
 Painter by NataliaCiobanu Cold comfort by hogret
What did you do Ray? by tomasoverbai
 WorldGame by M-Art-Artist Amalie in Henri's Garden by saperlipop
Life in Korallen by PaGoG
auris felis 2012 opening ceremony by OnurY Blue Car by cameraflou
A Wet Cement Pool Party by Artinprogres
Only The Memories Remain by LUCILALEYLA  Nothing goes without smearing by HorstSchmier
gaea by potworow
Fostercare by Fassod New Day and Another Brick in the Wall by anaPhenix
Obstruction of Justice by Objective-Perception Surrounded by WonderMilkyGirl
Lover man by Hermetic-Wings
Back in Black by stengchen Del mar by NiraGonzalez
They Are Right by DouglasHumphries
Jerry Can by Urbex Aniquilamiento by martaraff
Freudianism by AnimaCreations My Adopted Wolf Faia... by Tigles1Artistry
The Strawbs Tears and Pavan

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The Fan club by batmantoo
Boys by kmetjurec

94 by felixlu Frisky Tango! by MARX77
In With The New by DougNZ
Old scouts by sandas04
bridal lingerie by myraincheck
Le regard by Stephane-Burlot
subway by u-nik While there is time... by endegor
Seventies - 720 by SUDOR
Jealousy by kmcdon3960
Lisbon 28 by JACAC
Butt-sted by Trippy4U
doggy style by lightdrafter

Meet Me On The Corner - Lindisfarne

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Desert Buick by RollingFishays
Frankly My Dear . . . 2 by DouglasHumphries Sade by InkOfTime
The doors I Used to Capture by Hermetic-Wings
Ignite by carts I N T I M A T E by HerrBuchta
Maison Hommel by ForlornTreasures
BIG BROTHER by quartertofour Mysterious stranger by MattFrederick
wish you were here by kkarll
melt me down by panibe pant... by ahmetkasim
Talk To Us by El-Amigo-Chico
Differ by quartertofour #26 by TheUnforgivingsArmy
Burn Out by hummbuzz
NAB by TheEternalSpectator Cafe lounge by pepytta
FOR FATHERS DAY by mecengineer
#222 by TheUnforgivingsArmy Taksim, Taxi's and Teargas by Treamus
Missing The Time We Had by dwingephotography
imaginary wandering II by SuzyTheButcher Hope / Pandora's box by Bernardumaine
The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!

Eternal Beauty by Lust0fADeeperPain
l a s t s m o k e by cemalsamli Mannequin by clemmy-1985
Black Wig by crag137
Rootstein Mannequin by Webdoll she's got legs by Lust0fADeeperPain
A Mannequin Tale by Michelliechelle 
a head of time by awjay Mannequin 3 by BlueVioletStock
Technikmuseum Stock 04 by Malleni-Stock
Mannequin Heads by sorhainSlave
 The Girls of Mannequin Fetish by MannequinFetish
All Ameriquin by MARX77 West Hollywood Memorial Day by makepictures
old mannequin on street by crag137
Mannequin Stock 2 by hatestock Skin Care by Fralja3
queens by nova-heart
Untitled by jonniedee Dressed To Kill by EintoeRn
Mannequin by Angiespazz
:music: Sade - Somebody Already Broke My Heart :music:

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(Contains: nudity)
spoonman by neoloonatic
31) Jolly by Edward-Jekyll GoodLife by M-Art-Artist
Wings by HoiHoiSan
Feet by desertsun 26 by Falbanka
Postcard from Berlin 09 by JACAC
pumpkinlove by MoniBrand Ava Lavinia Gardner by sahabiha
Urban Jungle by Garelito-Photos
eighteen by lukeroberts
gone by VisitingFahrrad As per your request by Odilicious
the kiss by photography-by-vara
59 CADILLAC by ratfink305 Cola Cola by TheRaPhotography
Bergman by Hermetic-Wings 01082013-398-2 by hoaxeye
Target by danilomartinis Come as you are by SpiderIV