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(Contains: nudity)
The Chinese year of the Goat (Sheep) 2015 started on February 19, 2015 (according to the lunar calendar).

easyer from the bench by Sssssergiu
Sheeps look at us by kanes Wolfgang Llamadeus Mozart by DSSiege11
The Lonley Shepherd by ioanabranisteanu
keyif inadi by MistyTableau shifty by slownumbers
Duong Quoc DInh by duongquocdinh
Shepherd... by BobRock99 Impression 2031 by SUDOR Ciao, bella! by klapouch
The Good Shepherd by Aisii
Attention by Alessandro-Passerini Sheep by cprmay goat! by cosmicvoid
Unladened, Empty and Turned to Stone by ahermin
Saute Mouton - The Lamb Jump by thrumyeye Shaun the Sheep by bigbear74 Happy Easter by thrumyeye
Free ride by SarahharaS1
anything is possible by Batsceba Sheep in the Snow, Ireland III by younghappy
Another Day by houk
H E L L O D O M by mldzz Aries by wooltoys-ru
hello by craciun

Trouble maker by dragos495
Fire ? by mitlichtmaler The Pyromaniac by nuriko-kun
... by absentii
light my fire by wholba Flame on II by diana-irimie
sounds of music by Art-de-Viant
Julia2 by Anna-Chursina Ndocciata 2014 by OliverJules
Fire by ConceptArtOrg
Fire in the Woods by carlosthe W.647 by urg
Elements - Fire by CassiopeiaArt Dance into the Fire by LuLebel
shot by Ejik1977
Pyromaniac by Saburwulf Inferno by VictoriaJill Matches 2 by cofneverlivetotell
Smoke by artwom77
 The Burning by machihuahua Ignite by carts

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Sister Moon by catch---22
Neither Up Nor Down by EintoeRn Kafkaesque by Hengki24
eggHDR0254 by The-Egg
S H E R L O C K by getcarter There Is A War by AlexandrinaAna
Metal and Rust by DouglasHumphries
Night Seen by Fassod new world by MWeiss-Art
maybe by tatianavish
.M. by virginval No one by anaPhenixPulling power by friartuck40
Moment 4030 by Kabandha The Forgotten Ones by Ragnar949
Cerberus O_0 by KatherineAlexander
Cite de Pera lets it's ghosts to watch us by Hermetic-Wings Ghost Bride by lostknightkgi won't forget .... by chriseastmids
Relive all the memories by Zewarr Inner Peace Travelling by ParallelDeviantDay by Day by David681
Backstage by EvaPolly Psychosis by katiousa15Dynamo by DougNZ
Choice by joycefungx

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Xenia 02 by Andipallabs
Staci - coffee by Adrienmcguire Claartje (0803) by StudioTjeerd
:: coffee and co by noahsamuelmosko
Bobby by corsuse Mess by Jemsa
Film - LXXVIII - J and J - focus by Picture-Bandit
Song of a Blackbird by Les-Diables Camarilla Agram 12.7.2014. 13 by ivoturk
Mrs. Black by burcumbaygut
Playing with Shadows by jules-101 Cold by CATHERINAS
Radost is watching 1 by pstoev
Strand by DariaPitak Varvara by KARRR
Waking up by Leon13th
Impure Hair III by Alessandro-Passerini look away by DariaPitak
strength by islandtime
The master work by MarkScheider photoshoot 2 by Iveyysaur
Go Ahead Son, our World needs Artists by hosagu
Daughter II by OlivierAccart Hazard Kitty 219 by Dave-Ellis
Almost Ready by BorkoHomesickAlien
When I was 17 by Canankk The Photograph... by Hermetic-Wings

I am happy that I got my 4th DD

How To See The World by Canankk

Thank you very much to dear :iconkaz-d: for deeming my photo worthy of DD

zsifiii by Trifoto
What's wrong in dying? by InPluvia Blanco y Negro by MarinaCoric
Untitled by nicoella
smoke by dechobek Time Traveler by EyeDance
A Dog's Life by Garelito-Photos
REUNION by zw6 _untitled by dechobek
We breathe Freedom ! by MahmoudElkourd
Cassandra... by ChristineAmat Autumn spring by endegor
There will be blood by xbastex
*** by LILY-m --------- by crossfading*** by Tarasov
sauroctonos #3 by pr13s7 Sisters by ViestursLinks
Sketcheeez by bolognafingers

<da:thumb id="505666434"/> loss of liberty by scheinbar JE SUIS CHARLIE by CopperColour
The Cry by tholang  Je Suis Charlie by Hera-of-Stockholm 07 janvier 2015 by Askell

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Happy Fox in WinterCoat by thrumyeye
If you're looking for a way out by BobRock99 New vanitas - Invidia (Envy) 03 by MarkScheider
On a foggy day by daliscar
Kivanc Tatlitug by Amro0 gelip gecenler by emekuc
Brother and Sister by tafelrand
Pensive by ChristineAmat Hand by Vermontster
In Loving Memory of ABBAS by ErkanKalenderli
DeviantArtID by Richard-Cederfjard with Adem by MWeiss-ArtIndiscrezioni by OliverJules
Mobil Photography 11 by Serdar-T ocean 43 by Hengki24Every Morning by X-KhaN
bir dusun pesinde by emekuc an overwhelming stillness by BlauBeerKuchen
Marmaris by ekin06
Spirit by AlexandrinaAna Morning Pray by artofdan70The Dream - (  pencil drawing version ) by DouglasHumphries
Julie-Tapestry by jules-101 | n o v e m b e r | by Nachtblau
on the catwalk by Dieffi

Farewell Bro by Canankk :heart:
in the memory of my brother 

The Storm Catcher-2 by kkart

Chimney in Winter by philippeL

Aegean Afternoon by contemporaryhart

Memoirs of Snow by Valimar

Follow your own road to your own heaven by LordLJCornellPhotos

Golden evening by DormirReverPeutEtre

Obscured by light by OlivierAccart

Roque Nubulo by nahojsennahThis Morning by EvaPolly
Desert Cloudburst by Zefisheye

Summer Memories by Pajunen

almost one with all by bryan-cuttance

'Some idea of infinity' by H3ad0n

A sight to Behold by alexandre-deschaumes

The Desert in Black and White by CeeThruMyEyes

Crossroads by catch---22

CLOUDSCAPE by DouglasHumphries

c o n s t r u c t . I by XeroLp
ice age No.16 by landscapesaxony
here's to us by bryan-cuttance

Mistletoe by SirKoto51 Happy Holidays to all my dear friends!! Mistletoe by SirKoto51

Bald Eagle black and white by arcadian7 Seredin 4 by seredin
Smile. by Toxic-Designs-Redux Mona Lisa by dkokdemir
The Scream by slatkatajna FRIENDS by xACook
OOoo by vadalein Szamanka by villk
Pattern by clippercarrillo Portrait by emregurten
Graceful secretarybird by Momotte2 chefdechoeur2-paris by arnopiel
whaddya think yer lookin at by eagle79 Black Net by MarinaCoric
H by JabLab Last Tango? by 2-00am-photography
Stare by webworm THE GAZE by Hermetic-Wings
Caring mother by OlivierAccart 4 months by Styush
Mother's watch... by Coigach Bathed in Black and White by GMCPhotography
Bear Hug by micromeg ...el by golpista
White on Black by Seb-Photos Glaring by jennystokes


Laziness by Sagittor
To Live, To Face The Unknown by ParallelDeviant An Old Photograph, 1978 by tahirlazim
Spooky by MustafaSEZER
Waiting room by rougealizarine don't give it up by EintoeRn
J O U R N E Y by MARX77
thinking about eternity by wiwionart Land of the Sand 2 by rici66
Blue Highway by clippercarrillo
Les favoris de la lune by doyo Tuojiang River by foureyes
But My Eyes Remain by iamadem
Fumbling Towards Harmony by Peterix Find my way home by Peterix
dichord by Vacantia
don't you dare, little buddy by BlauBeerKuchen Hello by John-Logan
Eye Contact BW by RobinHedberg
here comes tiger by A-Finch Sleepy Cat by bessonben
Hidden Stories by dimajaber


Special thanks to my special friend Richard :icontrippy4u: for his dedication and taking another amazing street shot. He is one of the best street photographers, not only at dA but a great New York photographer. I believe that his photos will be there in the future, in order to tell about today.
My Space by Trippy4U
Thank you my dear dear Richard, this song is for you :huggle:

Yoda by ZoranPhoto
red hair) by IlonaShevchishina Inside by Acrymat
Elegant Pigeon by YoniKs
closed for happiness by doyo Blowin' In The Wind by Joe-Maccer
lady behind the closed shutters by Igor-Demidov
Strength in Adversity by hummbuzz Crawlin' Kingsnake by MalcolmShortt
Rondeau by DouglasHumphries
honesty by incolorwetrust 2008 ID by soulofautumn87
Thoughtful I by Arte-de-Junqueiro
bear by slatkatajna Smile. by Toxic-Designs-Redux
March,November by arslanalp

These are samples from my 'Male Portraits' project. Please help me about my project, I need to learn your feedback.
Tell me which one you like or what you think.
Thanks in advance. :heart:

Male Portrait 1 by Canankk Male Portrait 2 by Canankk
Male Portraits 3 by Canankk Male Portraits 4 by Canankk
Male Portrait 5 by Canankk Male Portrait 6 by Canankk
Male Portrait 7 by Canankk Male Portrait 8 by Canankk
"The world of music will be a poorer place without him but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts.”
Said Jack Bruce's family. 

Jack Bruce of Cream by VAELJ

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
wish by pigarot
perfect sleep by cangelir Ira: Subway people by sonar-ua
Sara Marie 2 by John-Logan
Vintage Coco by kayandjay100 Sex Drugs and Rock-n-roll by CreameCarameleKahina. by PedroPinhoPhoto
Behind chain by ViestursLinks window's portrait by julie-rc
Retro' by fabriziotedde
Dear Kima by H3ad0n ---- by clalepa
descendant by arslanalp
My Barber by clippercarrilloNo More Mr Nice Guy by Okavanga
Galina2 by NerySoul
329 by Anelise0s Little Christmas by Trippy4U
Stepping out by samo19 God Bless Sister by IIMadhoshiII
missing piece by UfukCRY map of girl flesh by laura-makabresku
Hall Of Lies by lightnoize
Anastasia Arteyeva simulated wet plate by folome Walking Down The Street II by KasperGustavsson
Icelanders by PatrickMonnier nie m by marcinmgp
123564 by theteenidol
curious by m-lucia Last Dance by tholang
Tram by pivan

:star: :iconhummbuzz: :star:

Adobe by hummbuzz In My Dreams 02 by hummbuzz
Invincible by hummbuzz My Melancholy Muse by hummbuzz
Barnyard by hummbuzz Fade Away by hummbuzz
Reptilian Two Step by hummbuzz Eclipse by hummbuzz

:star: :iconeintoern: :star:

On The Run by EintoeRn Watercolors by EintoeRn
Group Dynamics by EintoeRn Technicolor Memories by EintoeRn
 A Patch For Analogue by EintoeRn Shuffleboard Ballet by EintoeRn
Under Pressure by EintoeRn He Made His Choice by EintoeRn

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Cat and Dog... 2012_07 by ErkanKalenderli
49 Water St by shadowfoxcreative Queen of the Trail by Markus43
Soul Street by fuadviento
Lisbon: The tram. by inbrainstorm The Venue II by lostknightkg
'In memory of the Tunnel' by H3ad0n
Le champ des possibles by Babou-Shka WD9 by jennystokes
yol - XI by MeralSarioglu
Katrin by aufzehengehen ALIVE UNDER YOUR SUBLIME by incisler
Massification by TheCures
just bump me off by EintoeRn Masks. 3 by ESafian
Sina by aufzehengehen
As Monroe quit by xMissTake California St. cablecar stop by rattitude
Imagine by Pajunen
Country Sunset by mj-magic Jesse by aufzehengehen
Slavic folklore by AgnieszkaOsipa nue sur le lit by mastertouch
Matisse Lounging  - 36x24inch by AstridBruning

I am happy that I got my second DD from my stock account :iconcananstock:
Leaves by CananStock BG 3 by CananStock

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Autumn.3. Melancholy by Lord-Alex
If you were here right now... by jierumi Model 1958 by DouglasHumphries
Melancholy by Ystery
Das Netz by feigenfrucht Impression 2505 by SUDOR
Devour.. by Yaksss
Where do our children play... by ansdesign Slawka by shockandterror
two butchers by jpderosnay
Eyes Wide Shut by BobRock99 Swarm Intelligence by DpressedSoul
Cuddle by Silverrr-official
The Sun Always Rises by akrathan Tempora by RichardLeach
Extract from a marriage by M0THart
A Drama Artist from Cinacitta by Hermetic-Wings Archive. My Father by tahirlazim
Placid Slumber by MARX77
No 8 by Styush Always Beside You by mj-magic
The Return To Melancholy by invisigoth88
Shelter by Dave-Heyborne on the car roof by Rikitza
Someone to watch over you........ by TriciaS

:heart: I am very happy that a respectful art and psychology magazine PSIKEART (Psyche-Art), in Turkish, posted 3 of my works for their September issue.:heart:
I will keep on working with them for their next issues.
PsikeArt Magazine by Canankk
What Is On A Man's Mind? by Canankk Schizophrenia by Canankk Claustrophobia by Canankk

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
real surreal by Benowski
Palette with brush by martaraff La musica e' finita by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS
Abandoned milk factory: the workshop -detail- by pauc1988
Vrbnik by slownumbers S21 by dasTOK
New Orleans by getcarter nothing but the nap by OnurY
Palermo by sivel12001
Three Trees by BokehLight Rules by EvaPolly

may i not have it now by scottchurch Thoughtcrime II by Fassod
Unknown guest by lostknightkg I like you by todo-mahem
Old Hollywood-Like by CenobiteAdnaloy Young At Heart by dandelion-sound
Lazy summer Weekend by carminconner Reverence for fallen Trees by SebastienTabuteaud
Ask by DualMechanized simple by arslanalp
The Essense That Is You by Trippy4U One Hundred Quotes - Day 1 by joycefungx

:star: :iconebbing-gale: :star:
Out of Time by ebbing-gale
End It by ebbing-gale Bees Wax # 3 by ebbing-gale
Pemi by ebbing-gale
Sailing, Moons and Fish by ebbing-gale

:star: :icondouglashumphries: :star:
Bottles by DouglasHumphries
Vandals by DouglasHumphries Russian Front by DouglasHumphries
Twilight by DouglasHumphries
A Still Life by DouglasHumphries Room 101 by DouglasHumphries

I will not say anything but I just want to learn your ideas. What do you feel when someone fools you?

Channel commencial photo…

Half of the same photo here in this link…

Half of the same photo here in this link…

Half of the same photo here in this link…

From a furniture company…

Stolen from Wikipedia even without making a change
Real artist Leonardo Rossellini…

Can this photo be mine? Maybe :)
Cry Me A River by Canankk

Yesterday she deleted her industry photos after Douglas :icondouglashumphries: asked questions.

Angela N2 by Canankk